The band JOHNNY was established in the late of year 1997 in Brno and since the beginning attend to production of legendary Ame


The band JOHNNY was established in the late of year 1997 in Brno and since the beginning attend to production of legendary American singer and composer Johnny Cash. In repertoire the band has more than 60 authentically worked songs of all creative periods of that musical giant, respectively in original version vocal in English and with Czech lyrics too. The band during the performance alternated a few of styles from American folk, rockabilly and rockin’ blues to country and rockn’roll. Except concerts and clubby appearances play the band JOHNNY also at bikersmeetings, veteran car’s meetings ,or at the balls and at country balls.  In these cases the band dispose of plentiful repertoire of songs of famed Czech and foreign interpreters (hundred odd compositions)


The band JOHNNY gets over plenty of appearances at important musical actions and festivals. For example festivals Country Prague 2000, The Old Good Western and repeatedly concerts in Old Town square, The Square of Freedom in Brno,The Square in Olomouc..etc. The band performed in a few broadcasting programmes and televiews. Within a seven years of instrumentality the JOHNNY accompanied famed personalities as Aleš Brichta, Mirek Černý, Blanka Šurková + Schovanky, Jiří Weisser etc. In 2000 the band produced her pilot CD  “Johnny Cash Revival…?”


Offer of musical appearances

1. Concert vocal in English – cross-section production of Johnny Cash inclusive of all great hits. 60 – 90 minutes.

2. Concert in English and in Czech – cross section production of Johnny Cash, a part of a songs with a Czech texts. 90 – 120 minutes.

3. Appearance to dancing – Czech and foreign hits various interpreters interlaced by songs of Johnny Cash. Until 6 hours (with the breaks)


The band JOHNNY insists on authentic sound and atmosphere of concert, hence her members adapted their musical instruments, their sounding and stylish clothes. In the case of need, the band keeps at ones’s disposal own musical apparatus with own sound engineer.



Prezent-day group of the band

Petr Horák            vocal, guitar, mouth organs

Milan Potůček      vocal, keyboards

Ivo Albrecht          vocal, bass

Petr Baláš             vocal, guitars

Milan Olah           drums, percussion

Iva Číhová            vocal



Petr Horák
679 71  Býkovice, Czech Republic

tel.: +420602717791 (gsm)

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